PRODUCER - TOM WYRSCH  is author of the Bob Wilkins / John Stanley Scrapbooks and archivist of Creature Features media. While working with Bob and John over the last 10 years organizing their events, both would continually say, “We never would have gotten in this much trouble without you Tom.” Tom has authored and released ten DVDs & CDs featuring footage and audio from old Creature Feature shows.
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - ROBERT NAPTON is the writer/director of the documentary Two Faces of Erosion which played theatrically in Los Angeles.  He has been writing comic books and graphic novels since the 1990s.  In 2008, he was the writer/adaptor of Dark Wraith of Shannara for Del Rey/Random House and the comic series Battlestar Galactica Origins: Adama, based on the Sci-Fi Channel.
EDITOR - ANTHONY CAVA  is a graduate of the University of Southern California Film School. He is a picture editor in Los Angeles as well as a Video Producer for IGN Entertainment, Inc. a division of Fox Interactive Media. Some of his clients include Nike, Stussy, Bandai, Warner Bros., and Fox.
CAMERA & SOUND - ERIC YEE is a cinematographer, illustrator and costume/puppet designer. His credits include Cinema Insomnia, IP Mascots, Bay Area Film Events, IndyFilm Co-op’s B Movie Celebration and Fry’s Eletronics. His award winning costumes have appeared at various Bay Area events. Mr. Yee currently LURKs in the San Francisco Bay Area.
GRAPHICS & EFFECTS  - SCOTT MOON  is an artist and musician. He currently designs and maintains the official websites for Bob Wilkins and John Stanley. His previous projects include: recording with Bourgeois Tagg, Todd Rundgren and Ron Dante; publishing Planet X magazine; co-producing the TV show Cinema Insomnia; and working for Sacramento History Online.

For 14 years, from January 1971 through September 1984, CREATURE FEATURES ranked in the Nielsen ratings as one of the most popular TV shows in San Francisco Bay Area television history. Broadcasted from KTVU Channel 2 in Oakland, California, the Saturday night series was hosted by former TV advertising writer Bob Wilkins for eight years, followed by San Francisco Chronicle entertainment writer John Stanley who kept the series alive for another six. To those who grew up watching with family members and friends, the mixture of host commentary and classic and not-so-classic horror movies remains a nostalgic memory. Wilkins' wit and unusually droll personality and Stanley's celebrity interviews and satiric minimovies are all part of WATCH HORROR FILMS -- KEEP AMERICA STRONG, a full-length documentary journeying back through those years. Featuring interviews with Wilkins, Stanley and other key figures close to the show, as well as classic clips, this historic journey illuminates an era of television that should never be forgotten.

"Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!" (A Journey into Creature Features). Coming to a theater near you. Don't miss it!



"Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!"
An original slogan coined by Bob Wilkins in 1966