Capt. Cosmic's trusty companion, Robot 2T2.



Bob Wilkins as Captain Cosmic, along with Robot 2T2.




Behind the scenes with Capt. Cosmic & 2T2.




Capt. Cosmic fan club memebership card.



Phone message from August Ragone, from 1977, regarding the Captain Cosmic show.

I was a frequent guest on Bob's shows Creature Features and Captain Cosmic, appearing on "Cosmic" about 24 times in its four-year run. At that time, I was Channel 2's resident "Godzilla" or "Japanese Film Expert," I was a teenager and had a great time doing it. If you watched Captain Cosmic, you might have seen me.

Bob started Captain Cosmic in the wake of the incredible success of STAR WARS‚ everyone realized that science fiction was "in" during a vacation in Hawaii the previous year, Bob had seen a number of Japanese superhero tv shows which has taken the islands by storm. Hawaiian kids of every background, were fascinated with the Japanese heroes, and Bob realized the potential for mass popularity.

Unfortunately, the subtitled versions shown in Honolulu were not going to be suitable for a wider audience (although Bob thought it could work), he also looked into buying a couple of the series for the mainland, and having them dubbed into English. Most of his efforts ended up in dead ends. When STAR WARS broke, then he knew he had to act... he contacted distributors, and began to find old shows and serials he could run.

CAPTAIN COSMIC & ROBOT 2T2 kicked off with the original FLASH GORDON serial, and then went into high-gear with the 1966 Japanese series, THE SPACE GIANTS (Maguma Taishi), which made it's Northern California premiere. When I appeared as a guest to discuss the premiere of this Japanese superhero series, Bob asked me for other options for Japanese and Sci-Fi shows to be aired on Captain Cosmic. I recommended ULTRAMAN, JOHNNY SOKKO, THUNDERBIRDS, and others. I prepared a list right at the studio, including the distributors for the shows, and turned that over to Bob before I left CH. 2 that day (mind you, I was a young teenager, then!) — and soon, we were watching a number of Japanese Superheroes . . . when Bob called me to ask what I knew about SPECTREMAN, I was excited — VCRs weren't common in those days, and it was rare to see such shows.

Captain Cosmic was a godsend — who else would have broadcast SPECTREMAN, THE SPACE GIANTS, ULTRAMAN, JOHNNY SOKKO & HIS FLYING ROBOT, STARBLAZERS, and more? Only Bob Wilkins.

- August Ragone




Original 35mm proofs of the first photoshoot with the Bob in the Capt. Cosmic costume,




"Faster than a speeding BART train, stronger than the entire 49er football team, it's Capt. Cosmic!" TV intro.



Bob Wilkins directs George Takei in a series of TV spots for the Capt. Cosmic show.